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US Weather Insurance

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Weather Insurance

Weather insurance policies can be purchased for rain, snow, wind, temperature and other weather conditions. Weather insurance is also available for income fluctuations and for the cancellation of events. One unique product of weather insurance is the promotion of sales using weather related events to market merchandise.

Protect Your Investment

Whether you own a retail shop or manage a golf course, every company or business can be affected by the uncontrollable acts of Mother Nature. By working weather insurance into your budget, you can avoid the unpredictable economic fallout that can result from harsh weather conditions. US Weather Insurance offers security for your investments so your company is never at risk due to adverse weather.

Increase Sales & Drive Traffic

US Weather Insurance will help create unique promotions to increase interest in your business while also boosting revenue. By putting a twist on a run of the mill promotion, a weather insurance promotion will drive traffic and increase sales. US Weather Insurance also promotes creativity when planning your next big sale; we will assist you in customizing the promotion to meet your company’s exact needs.