Using Weather Insurance to Promote a Sale

March 3rd, 2011 | Posted by US Weather Insurance in weather insurance

Everyone dreams of waking up Christmas morning to see if it snows. How about offering your customers a promotion in which all their purchases would be reimbursed if it snows on Christmas. Just this past Christmas a jewelry store ran this exact promotion and reimbursed $400,000 worth of jewelry purchase to their loyal customers because they purchased the weather insurance for it to snow on Christmas. Not only did the jewelry see a large increase of foot traffic and revenue but they also received free countrywide media attention. The great thing about this sales promotion is you can use it for any type of weather like rain, hail or wind. You can also tie it to any special day like anniversary dates, Mother’s Day or New Years. You pick the date, the weather type and the sales amount.

The only thing the business has to do is simply advertise any purchases during that special sales period purchases will be reimbursed if it snows on a specific day. US Weather Insurance can offer this promotion in a simple Sales Promotion product usually within 24 hours. For a small percentage fee a retail business can run a sales/snow promotion for a week or a month long. With the economy slowly recovering and competition getting tougher this sales promotion will make you stand out from the crowd.

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