2012-2013 Winter Storm Names

October 8th, 2012 | Posted by Alicia Milillo in weather insurance

While the fall season has just begun around most of the country, the Nation Weather Service is already planning ahead to the winter months. This week they released that starting this 2012-2013 winter season, winter storms will now be identified with names. Similar to the way we now name tropical storms and hurricanes, this idea was taken from Europe who has reported positive outcomes since naming potentially harmful winter storms in 1950. How the names have been picked is unsure however we know some of the potential names for the winter storms include Brutus, Rocky, Nemo and Yogi.

The number one goal in naming these storms is to increase awareness and gain attention to any threat that these storms may contain. By providing a name and identity, the ability to follow and track the storm becomes easier for the community as well as the meteorologist and weather reporters who will be able to clearly inform the viewers with accurate information for that exact storm. The storm will be named no more than three days before the potential of impact so that it doesn’t die down before it is a threat to the area. To be considered a winter storm the process will include in-depth research of aggressive features like amount of snowfall, ice and severe temperatures as well as time of day and day of the week.

Social media will also benefit from the new naming process of the winter storms. Developing names and familiarity with the storms will create more awareness on social media portals with up to date, instant information. Facebook users will find it easier to post to their friends and twitter users will cleverly create hash tags after the storms name to share news about the storm with their followers.

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By: Alicia Milillo

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