After Hurricane Sandy :: NY Still Suffering With Gas Shortage

November 9th, 2012 | Posted by Alicia Milillo in weather insurance

After the destructive effects of Superstorm Sandy that included flooding and power outages throughout the city for multiple days, New Yorkers now face the problem of a gas shortage that is resulting in people waiting in lines at the pump for 3 plus hours just to fill up their tank. With many stations closed due to lack of power or running out of gas, some New Yorkers are forced to drive hours to get to a station that actually has full pumps, just to wait in extremely long lines with no guarantee of getting their tanks full. Some drivers have run out of gas waiting and had to push their vehicles the rest of the way!

New York officials have adopted a new system effective today at 5pm that will hopefully speed up the lines. Starting this evening, cars with an odd last number on their cars license plate will be able to fill up tonight and even numbers will start tomorrow. After seeing positive results in New Jersey, Bloomberg is hopefully that the system will have the same affect on New York City and Long Island. In New Jersey the system cut wait times from 2 hours to only 45 minutes, but Governor Cuomo says the key is to work together and stay coordinated throughout the different counties. Check out some of the photos of gas lines throughout New York City! Photo’s courtesy of Fox News.


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