How Will My Weather Insurance Policy Be Monitored?

June 29th, 2012 | Posted by US Weather Insurance in weather insurance

Planning an outdoor party, festival or concert can be difficult, along will all the challenges a regular event you also have to consider the possibility that the whole event could be ruined due to weather. If you’ve invested a good amount of money in our event, you can get weather insure for a minimal premium. This way if the weather spoils your day, you won’t be out a dime!

Once you’ve decided you need weather insurance for your event and have filled out the application, the rest is up to Mother Nature. Weather is extremely unpredictable so the number one question we receive from our clients is how will this be monitored? The moderation of the rainfall will be chosen by the client on the application out of three choices.

–         The Closest Hourly National Weather Station – this option is the most popular and the most affordable. It will usually be the local or closest airport to the promotion location. This is a great option for those promotions in a major city where the airport is just miles away however for those events taking place in a suburban or rural area, it will make sense to look into one of the other two options.

–         An Independent Weather Observer – this option is the most accurate way of ensuring the correct rainfall on the day of your event. The weather observer will have to be contracted by the client and approved by US Weather Insurance. That person will be at the event with the proper instruments to measure the rain directly at your location so the policy is not dependent on any other recordings taken that day.

–         A Third Party Doppler Radar Monitoring System – this option is affordable and especially popular for those locations not near a major airport. US Weather Insurance will take care of setting up the third party company to record the rainfall in your specific zip code and will take hourly measurements for the duration of the event.


For any questions about the monitoring system or to get a quote for weather insurance you can call one of US Weather Insurance’s consultants at 888-882-5140.






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