Marathon’s Toughest!

November 16th, 2012 | Posted by Alicia Milillo in weather insurance

When figuring out a topic for the US Weather Blog this week, only one thing came to mind. All week long I have been checking the weekend forecast in particular for Sunday, the Philadelphia Marathon. I’m pleased to say that the forecast for Sunday in Philadelphia is 54 and sunny with zero chance of rain! Weather is the one factor that you absolutely have no control over and horrible weather can really effect how you run. Rain can obviously affect the conditions of the course and extreme temperatures either hot or cold can not only influence your physical abilities but also impact you mentally.

In all my trips to this week I can across a very interesting story naming the 15 Toughest Marathons worldwide. I can definitely say that I’m grateful for the favorable weather forecast but even more that I’m running a course that considered by most marathoners as ‘primarily flat.’ Some of the marathons on this list that shocked, scared, and amazed me the most included the extreme weather conditions and outrageous altitudes! The North Pole Marathon was at the top of my list, as you can imagine the race takes place in sub-zero temperatures and while the entry fee is about $15,000 the small group of runners are promised an experience like no other. The race flies you to the starting point near the North Pole where you camp overnight and the next morning start your race, a 2.6 mile loop completed 10 times over ‘ice floes,’ thick patches of ice that float over the Artic Ocean. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, the officials are armed just incase a polar bear decides to join the race!

There’s no doubt that any of the marathons on this list are more of a life adventure than just a race! Check out the other marathons that made the list!


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