Fall Festivities That Need Weather Coverage!

August 23rd, 2013 | Posted by Alicia Milillo in weather insurance


Summer is not the only time that outdoor events need weather insurance, with the unpredictable forces of Mother Nature the fall season brings a greater chance of rain, snow and extreme temperatures that can impact the outcome of your event. US Weather Insurance has found that there are three main businesses that benefit the most from weather insurance
in the fall months.

–         Haunted Houses:  Haunted houses, hayrides, and corn mazes are popular fall attractions for any fall weekend. It is extremely important for these events to get weather coverage primarily because the promotions can not be moved indoors or operate in any way if they are rained out. US Weather Insurance has offered coverage for haunted houses and trail rides for multiple weekends from September to November, when these businesses are most profitable.

–         Fairs and Festivals: County and state fairs run through the summer and into the early fall month. Due to extreme temperatures in certain areas across the country, many fairs are moving to the fall to encourage higher attendance. Fair organizations benefit from weather coverage from US Weather Insurance because we can quote multiple days in a row and will cover different coverage amounts and on the weekends, when people and families are more likely to come out.

–         Golf Tournament: Golf season is not over after August! Coverage for fall golf tournaments is extremely important because as you get closer to the winter months there are less dates to reschedule the tournament before the course closes for the season. Even if the tournament is able to be rescheduled, there is a chance that attendance will decline and cause a decrease in overall profit for the tournament.


To find out more information on how to get coverage on your fall event give us a call or visit our website www.usweatherinsurance.com.


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