Finding NEMO Will Be Easy This Weekend!

February 8th, 2013 | Posted by Alicia Milillo in weather insurance

The name everyone on the east cost is talking about is Nemo! Not that lovable fish with the damaged fin that swims the ocean to find his dad, the winter storm that is tearing through the northeast with record breaking snow fall predictions and high wind speeds! Nemo will not be in town long but while he is here he is predicted to do some serious damage, as much as 2-4 feet of snow is predicted to hit Boston and northern NY Friday afternoon into Saturday with 50-70 mph wind gusts!

This storm is serious, meteorologist are saying that it could crack the top ten in Boston. Blizzard conditions for possible for all states from Maine to New Jersey. The snow alone will be bad however combining it with such strong wind conditions, the northeast residents are told to expect power outages and are encouraged not to travel anywhere after midday Friday! Those along the shoreline are also encouraged to take precautions, the Saturday morning tide could cause flooding to houses and buildings.

US Weather Insurance is located right outside of Philadelphia so we won’t get anywhere near these conditions, probably just a light snow fall Friday night but we hope that the damage will not be too bad up north. Don’t forget, US Weather Insurance covers snow fall, so if your event is threatened by snow this winter, give us a call!

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