How Much Rain Should I Insure Against?

October 4th, 2013 | Posted by Alicia Milillo in weather insurance

Weather quotes are based on  four main details about your event. The location, date, time frame and insured amount all come into account when calculating a price quote for weather coverage.  Based on that information US Weather Insurance will send over several options for the type of weather you requested. These rates can be calculated by multiplying the rate by the amount you want to insure. US Weather Insurance understands that each event is different; some events may be able to have a higher rainfall amount without making a financial impact on the event while other can barley operate if the smallest amount of rain occurs that day. Providing multiple options on rainfall amounts allow the client to choose which amount will protect their event without breaking therain-insurance bank. Rainfall amounts usually vary from 0.10 to 1.0 inches in coverage and the smaller amount of rainfall the more expensive the policy will be. How do you know how much rain 0.25 inch will be? Check out the information below to see what amount fits the coverage you need. If you have any questions or want to get a quote on rain insurance for your event, give us a call at 888-982-5488!

Amount of Rain Light Rain Fall Moderate Rain Fall Heavy Rain Fall
1/10 inch (0.10) 30-40 Minutes 10 minutes 5 Minutes
¼ inch (0.25) 2-3 Hours 30-60 Minutes 15 Minutes
½ inch (0.50) 3-6 Hours 1-2 Hours 30-45 Minutes
¾ inch (0.75) 6+ Hours 4-6 Hours 2-4 Hours


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