How the Weather Can Impact My Golf Game!

April 17th, 2013 | Posted by Alicia Milillo in weather insurance

The game of golf is back in full swing! Over here on the east coast we do not have the nice weather to play golf year round so once the weather warms up and the snow clears off the greens, you can guarantee that there will be golfers out at your local course. Dedicated golfers will play in some hard conditions and with spring weather being so unpredictable, we have found some good tips on how to keep you score down when faced with some of the harsh weather the early months of spring can bring. Thanks to THE WEATHER CHANNEL and GOLF MAGAZINE we have some advice on how to deal with the rain, cold and wind on the golf course.

First off is staying dry when that unexpected rain cloud appears out of no where. Make sure to carry rain gear in your bag especially if you are walking, some good pieces to invest in are a water proof jacket, pants, and cover for your bag so your grips don’t get wet. When playing in these conditions make sure to account for slower greens and hitting a ‘fat’ shot. Since the ground will be wet, your club is more likely to get stuck when making contact with the ball. For the cold weather, make sure you layer up and keep warm, this is especially important for your head and hands. Have a ski hat and extra glove that you can wear during the round! Lastly windy conditions can really affect the flight of the ball. Make sure you keep the ball low and straight to avoid movement in the air. Also don’t let the wind affect your approach, plant your feet and stay strong so that your stance is not compromised by a gust of wind through your back swing.  Hopefully these tips will help you out when you hit the links, good luck from US Weather Insurance!

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