Philadelphia Marathon 2013 :: How Will the Weather Hold Up?

November 15th, 2013 | Posted by Alicia Milillo in weather insurance

Here in Philadelphia, the city is gearing up for one of the biggest races of the year the Gore-Tex Philadelphia Marathon. The three day event includes a expo for vendors and runners on Friday, an 8K on Saturday and ending with a half-marathon and full marathon on Sunday. With the race in the middle of November, the weather can be very inconsistent, some years it has been freezing cold with snow and other with high, mild temperatures in the 60’s. This year it looks like the runners will luck out with 50-60 degree temperatures with the chance of minimal rain.  1469898_10153491009670094_243816844_n

While these are ideal conditions for runners, it is extremely important dress appropriately for all of race day. During a large race like a marathon you will be stepping outside your door a good hour and a half earlier that you will even start running and with all the racing early in the morning, it will be much colder! The Philadelphia Marathon has a great program where you can layer up with old sweatshirts or pants (to make sure that your muscles stay warm in the corrals) then ditch them on the side of the road during the first couple of miles. The race has volunteers that will gather all the clothes and donate them to the homeless. This year’s race temperatures probably call for a light long-sleeved shirt and shorts while you are running it is also important to be prepared after the race. Have your family or friends pack warm gear for you to change into after you cross the finish line and ditch the sweaty clothes. Best of luck to all the runners and here are US Weather Insurance. we will be hoping for no rain!

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