US Weather Insurance:: Can I Insure Temperature?

August 2nd, 2013 | Posted by Alicia Milillo in weather insurance

US Weather Insurance is a leading provider of weather insurance for rain, snow and temperature for special events and sales promotions. While most clients are interested in insuring their event for heavy rain or chance of snow, one type of coverage that goes unnoticed is temperature insurance. Many outdoor events do not consider temperature as a deciding factor for the cancellation of the event or as a reason for lack of attendance however extreme temperature can play a major part on the success of a outdoor event. Like rain and snow, the amount of coverage will vary for different locations with temperature, some needing extreme heat coverage and other in the case of dropping temperatures.

Getting a temperature quote is the same as getting a quote for rain or snow, along with the key factors of the event like the date, time of day, and location, we will just need to know what temperature you would want to insure against. To determine this you would start by thinking ‘how hot/cold is too hot/cold’ for people to come to the event. Based on your estimate, US Weather Insurance will provide a range of degrees so you can pick with will work best with your budget. You can also combine the temperature coverage with rain or snow insurance to make sure your event is fully covered for anything Mother Nature brings your way. For more information give us a call at #888-982-5488.

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