US Weather Insurance:: How to Calculate Your Price Quote

May 31st, 2013 | Posted by Alicia Milillo in weather insurance

Getting a weather quote can be tricky because the price is based on a number of different variables including the date, location, time frame, and limit you want insured. Because these factors are different for each and every policy, US Weather Insurance will provide you with a quote that offers options on how much rain you want to insure against. Most clients will not be familiar with this amount so the quote gets broken down to rain amounts anywhere from a quarter of an inch to one inch. The same would apply to other types of weather such as snow fall, measured in the number of inches and temperature insurance based on degrees. This way you can decide which insurance is right for your event based on your budget for weather insurance.

When the quote is sent to the client, US Weather Insurance will provide rates or percentages for each amount of rain, snow or degree of temperature. This gives our clients the flexibility to change the limit of insurance and still calculate the quote on their own. To get the premium for weather insurance all you have to do is multiply the percentage associated with the amount of weather insured by the limit or the amount you want to cover.  From here you can decide what amount of insurance will work for your event and keep your event covered! Don’t forget you can request a quote online at

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