US Weather Insurance :: How to fill out the Price Quote Request Form?

October 18th, 2013 | Posted by Alicia Milillo in weather insurance

US Weather Insurance offers quotes on weather coverage from rain to snow for any type of indoor or outdoor event that can be negatively affected by poor weather conditions. Getting the quote for your next event is simple, US Weather Insurance has even created a new page to the website where their clients find out what information they need to know to get a quote and submit it through the website to one of your weather coverage consultants. Once we have all the vital information we can calculate the pricing for your event and email the quote over.

There are three main sections of the online quote form. The first is all of the clients contact information, this way if our consultants have any questions regarding your quote we can notify you immediately. The next section is the most important of the three, the event information. It is extremely important that this information is accurate because the price of the coverage will be based on all of this information. This section will include the type of event, the dates and times you will need coverage for and the location of the event. These four factors will determine the rate of coverage for the amount you want to insure. The last section simply asks what type of weather you wish to cover. US Weather Insurance mainly covers the threat of rain or snow to an outdoor event however we can offer temperature coverage as well. If you have an exact amount of weather coverage you need you can include that in the notes however your weather consultant will be able to help out by offering options on each of the weather conditions quoted. To take a look at the request form visit

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