US Weather Insurance Launches New Weather Website!

November 22nd, 2013 | Posted by Alicia Milillo in weather insurance

US Weather Insurance has launched a newly designed weather coverage website this week. The new and improved site makes it easier for customers interested in weather coverage to learn more about the product, see real examples from past clients, and get a quote on their event with the updated quote request page. For clients that are looking for basic information on the coverage the website perfectly describes the three main types of weather coverage available. On the main page, the customer has the ability to click on the rain, snow or temperature coverage option depending on their events needs. From there each page offers an in depth description of different options associated with each coverage. For example if the client clicks on the rain option, they will be taken to a page showing the difference between coverage for accumulation verse rain free hours. Rain accumulation coverage is the most popular option so we have also included a breakdown of accumulation definitions so the client knows how much rain they are insuring against.


For clients who need real examples of how the weather coverage works, we have a ‘case studies’ page giving summaries of each different type of insurance such as special event, income stabilization, cost containment and sales promotion. Each breaks down the policy with a challenge (why the coverage is needed), a solution (how US Weather Insurance wrote the policy), and a result (the positive outcome of purchasing weather coverage). The new website also features an updated price quote request form asking for even more details of your event or promotion. With more details on your event, US Weather Insurance can provide you with an accurate quote in a more timely manner. Of course you can still view the company blog and weather insurance guide to answer some of the frequently asked questions. Check out the new site to get a quote or learn more about US Weather Insurance

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