US Weather Insurance:: Tips for the Winter Golfer

December 13th, 2013 | Posted by Alicia Milillo in weather insurance

Our sister company US Hole In One is a leading provider of hole in one, putting and shootout coverage all over the country. This week US Weather Insurance will focus on our USHIO clients and offer some tips on the best gear and accessories for the winter golfer.  Golfers on the west coast or down south don’t have to worry too much about the changing of seasons affecting their game. The loyal golfers on the east coast and in the northern states, however,  know that they have to be prepared for the harsh temperatures and winds on the course.


–         Layer Up- It is extremely important for a golfer to wear multiple layers when playing. Always start with a thermal base, then layer with a polo, and to make sure you are completely warm add a mid-zip sweatshirt or sweater on top. Certain brand like Under Armour make a ‘cold gear’ line of clothing perfect for layering against the cold.

–         Hands and Feet- Rumor has it, if your fingers and toes are warm, so is your body. Make sure you wear thick, outdoor socks and warm fleece gloves. TaylorMade makes winter golf gloves that are warm, flexible and perfect for golfing!

–         Hats and Sunglasses- During those big wind gusts, hats and shades are essential to keeping warm. Regular golf hats might do the trick however if you find yourself in extremely low temperatures, try one of these Nike hats made specifically for golfing in cold weather.

For those golfers who believe golf is a year round sport, event in the worst elements make sure you consider the above apparel and accessories. These products are essential for any cold weather golfer who will be hitting the links on blistering cold days. Good luck out there and stay warm!

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