US Weather Insurance :: What to do when your sales promotion is over?

December 20th, 2013 | Posted by Alicia Milillo in weather insurance

Now that we are winding down from the craziest shopping season and Christmas is only 5 short days away, retail stores and businesses are finishing up their sales promotions. The sales period is the set of dates designated where your customers will have the chance to win back their purchases if it snows/rains on the recording date.  The sales period for a winter sales promotion will typically run from Black Friday to the week before Christmas, with a recording date on Christmas or Christmas Eve.  Since US Weather Insurance requires the sales period to end at least a week before the recording date, almost all of our clients are finalizing their numbers this week.

After the sales period ends US Weather Insurance will require you to fill out a final sales report that will list the estimated sales volume from the original policy, the actual amount of sales and the total amount owed to cover the rest of your sales. Once this is filled out and sent back to US Weather Insurance with proof of payment, the policy will be endorsed for the correct amount and you will be ready to see if you will be rewarding your customers. If it snows/rains enough on that recording date of Christmas Day or Christmas Eve, your customers will be getting an extra special gift this season! To find out how to run a sales promotions for your business give us a call at #888-982-5488!

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