Weather Insurance for a Sales Promotion!

June 21st, 2013 | Posted by Alicia Milillo in weather insurance

It may be sunny and warm outside but it is never too early to get a quote for your upcoming fall/winter weather insurance sales promotion. A sales promotion is run by a retail business looking to drive in sales during a specific time of the year. Usually this falls around some of the biggest shopping times of the year like Thanksgiving and Christmas when sales are expected to be high. A retail store will have a set sales period, usually anywhere between a week to a month long where customers can be eligible to win their purchases back. The retail store will also select a recording date, which is usually a date that is easy to remember like Christmas or Valentines Day, if it snows or rains enough on this day any purchases made during the sales period will be reimbursed.

Depending on the time of year rain and snow are the most common weather insured against for sales promotions. Some companies especially on the west coast will run the promotion using a temperature that it would have to hit that day in order to pay back their customers. However you run it, a sales promotion is a great way to get customers through the doors by offering them a special incentive to make a purchase at your store instead of a competitor. For more information on how a weather insurance sales promotion could benefit your business give us a call at #888-982-5488.

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