Making a Snow Day Profitable!

January 10th, 2014 | Posted by Alicia Milillo in weather insurance

The east coast has been getting hit hard with a rough start to winter! We have seen numbers in the single digits, negative wind chills and snow falls well about the average for this time of year. If you are a retail location located on the east coast, this is perfect time for you to cash in on the harsh winter we are facing! A sales promotion benefits retail stores by rewarding there customers by giving them an incentive to shop at your location. This brings more potential clients through your doors and increases your sales.

Here is an example, Bob’s Tires wants to have a winter tire event to boost sales. Bob would pick a date in February where it would have to snow at least 4 inches and advertise the sale through all outlets. This would let the customers know that they will be entered into a promotion to win back their entire purchase with any purchase of 2 or more tires in the month of January, Bob would gather all the sales from the month of January that are eligible to win and report them back to US Weather Insurance If enough snow falls on the date selected, Bob will get reimbursed by US Weather Insurance and will be able to return the money to his customers! By purchasing a sales promotion for a small premium, Bob was able to drive traffic into the store and increase sales.

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