Popular Conditional Rebate Promotions!

April 4th, 2014 | Posted by Alicia Milillo in weather insurance

Conditional rebate or sales promotions are a great way to drive customers into your place of business by offering them an incentive while they shop.  Our clients would designate a sales period and a recording date, during the sales period the customers are able to win back their purchase if the designated event occurs on the recording date. Conditional rebate promotions are a great way of advertising your business while tying in an exciting twist to reward your customers. Conditional rebate promotions are not just limited to weather coverage, they can also be centered around a specific sporting event. These policies are handled by our sister company Interactive Promotions Group, here is how a conditional rebate would work through IPG.

With March Madness coming to an end, a lot of business wanted to offer an incentive to their customers based around their favorite college teams! One client for example gathered everyone to watch the first round of play in their bar/restaurant. They took out a policy with Interactive Promotions Group where if a #16 seed team beat a #1 seed team, one lucky viewer would win $10,000.  Like weather policies the customers have the potential to win a grand prize just by attending the place of business.  It’s been a long and cold winter so it is a perfect time for clients to contact US Weather Insurance for a sales promotion centered around Mothers Day or Fathers Day sales, running a promotion around a specific holiday is very effective since it gives your customers a reason to shop! To find out more about a conditional rebate with US Weather or Interactive Promotions Group, give us a call!

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