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July 18th, 2014 | Posted by Alicia Milillo in weather insurance

US Weather Insurance understands that you put a lot time and money into planning your outdoor event so favorable weather is crucial to the success of your event. One of the key factors in getting weather coverage for your big day is the time frame that you need coverage for. Most clients believe that they need coverage for the full 24 hours of their event however in reality they just need to cover the time frame that they will suffer the biggest loss to prior expenses or profits.

Every event will be different, for example, some festivals and fairs might need the coverage throughout the hours of operation and set up. This will cover any vendors who need to set up their stands and also cover a couple hours into the event where the they will make the biggest profit on ticket sales. An outdoor lacrosse tournament however might not need coverage during the tournament itself rather for the hours leading up to the start to make sure the fields are playable by the time the tournament starts. Since the amount of hours directly influences the price for weather coverage, it is best to really analyze what amount of hours will work for your event. More hours covered means the insurance rate is going to be more expensive, an average number of hours covered is usually around 5-8 hours.  US Weather Insurance will also quote multiple time frames for you to get an idea of what will work best with the budget. As always, our weather quotes are free and non-binding!

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