US Weather Insurance :: How Much Can I Cover?

February 7th, 2014 | Posted by Alicia Milillo in weather insurance

US Weather Insurance offers coverage on a number of different special events and sales promotions every year. Since we can cover anything from an outdoor fair to a furniture store holiday sale, each client’s quote will be specific to their event. US Weather Insurance has covered events ranging from $5,000-$500,000! Because we have such specific rates for our customers, we can allow them to insure their event for the exact amount of coverage needed!

The value covered is a main factor in determining the price of the insurance. The higher the value covered is, the more expensive the rate will be. Clients often ask the questions, “should I cover my anticipated profits from the event or just what I would lose?” I always tell my clients that it completely up to them. We will offer the quote as a rate of coverage, meaning it will be sent as a percentage of the estimated amount you want covered. This allows the client to work out the numbers both ways. For example, if a client asked for a quote for $50,000 (covering their profits and costs) and the rate from US Weather Insurance was 5%, they can easily determine that the cost to cover the full $50,000 would be $2,500 (multiplying the $50,000 by 5%). If that was too high for their budget they can easily adjust the coverage amount to something that works for their event.  To find out more about US Weather Insurance, contact us at #888-982-5488.

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