Weather Coverage for your Golf Tournament!

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With summer in full swing, our sister company US Hole In One is busy providing thousands of golf tournaments with hole in one coverage all over the country. US Hole in One is a leading provider of hole in one, putting and shootout coverage for golf tournament and offers an exciting incentive to all the golfer in the outing to win a grand prize. This summer, US Hole in One has been working very closely with US Weather Insurance and offering their clients coverage to protect their tournament in the case of inclement weather causing the tournament to be cancelled.

Golf tournament insurance is slightly different than most rain policies for special events. Since a golf tournament won’t be significantly affected by rainfall, US Weather Insurance supplies the tournament director with adverse weather coverage. Severe adverse weather will protect the tournament if the weather conditions are so unbearable that the course is unplayable. The coverage will be in affect 12 hours before the start of the event and in order for a claim to be filed, the course must be defined as unplayable before the start time of the event. The PGA professional at the course would be responsible for making the final decision on declaring the course unplayable before the tournament starts. Golf tournament weather coverage is extremely affordable and a great way to protect against any unforeseen storms that can cause you to reschedule or completely cancel the event. If you want to get a quote for your tournament, visit us online or give us a call!

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