Who Monitors My Event?

December 23rd, 2014 | Posted by Alicia Milillo in weather insurance

One of the most common questions that US Weather Insurance receives after sending a quote is, how will the weather be measured at my event? Making sure the weather is recorded properly at your event is extremely important in case of a claim. US Weather Insurance needs to be able to pull the reports from the day of your event to make sure a claim gets paid out in a timely manner.

–           Closest National Weather Station- This option will always be listed on the quote so you can determine the distance from the airport to your event location. This option is mostly used by clients whose event is anywhere less that 10 miles from this location. This claim verification is also free of charge, included with the coverage.

–           On Site Weather Observer- This option will require a person with the proper credentials and instruments to physically measure the weather at your event location for the full time of coverage. While this is a very effective way of claim verification it will involve the client contacting, getting approval on, and paying this on site observer.

–           Third Party Doppler Radar System- Most commonly used, this third party system will measure the weather using one of two doppler radar systems to record the weather at your event location. This cost is a daily fee, $65.00 a day. The client will fill out the proper paperwork and US Weather Insurance and the carrier will set up the system.

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