Winter Weather Must Haves for Running

November 21st, 2014 | Posted by Alicia Milillo in weather insurance

 With the Philadelphia Marathon this weekend and record cold temperatures across the country in November, it is important for runners to be prepared when the step outside to face the harsh conditions. Luckily the weather report for Sunday is a bit more mild than the rest of the week however there are some essentials pieces of gear and clothing that every runner should have if they think about outdoor running in the winter months.

–           Running tights-Since your legs are doing most of the works, you don’t need too many layers. A good pair of winter running pants that contain the name “thermax or coolmax” that are insulated will keep you warm.

–           Insulating tops- You will want to layer your tops with thin dryfit options, this will keep you warm by setting up multiple defenses against the temperature but will still keep you comfortable. Make sure to choose tops with a sweat wicking material and not cotton, this will keep you dry throughout the run.

–           Accessories- Making sure your head and hands are warm is extremely important. A good pair of running gloves and a thermal hand work great. They are small enough that if you get too hot while running you can roll them up and put them in a running belt.

Good luck to all the winter runners out there and stay warm from US Weather Insurance!

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