All About Winter Storms!

January 30th, 2015 | Posted by Alicia Milillo in Uncategorized

If you are located in the Northeast you were most likely affected by this weeks Winter Storm Juno. While the New England area got the worst of the storm with totals over 2 feet and dangerous coastal flooding, other areas like here in Philadelphia only ended up with 2-3 inches. Regardless on whether the news stations just over estimated the storm or if it shifted completely, when keeping up with the news there are some key terms that identify the degree of severity.

  •  Winter Storm Outlook– A winter storm outlook means that there are storm conditions in the forecast.  Giving people plenty of notice that a storm could be hitting them in the upcoming days.
  • Winter Weather Advisory– This is what we hear most of the time. A storm that will not bury or have life threatening outcomes but will be more of an inconvenience. While  winter weather advisory may not keep you off the roads, it will certainly remind you do be careful and take extra precautions when heading outside.
  •  Winter Storm Watch– A ‘watch’ means be on the lookout. The storm will be here in  the next day or two and you should start preparing.
  •  Winter Storm Warning– A ‘warning’ means expect the worst conditions. The storm will start within 24 hours and extreme caution should be taken.

Next time a big winter storm is in the news, check out what warning the meteorologist are reporting and you will know what to expect!

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