Does My Event Need Weather Coverage?

March 12th, 2015 | Posted by Alicia Milillo in Uncategorized

US Weather Insurance covers all types of indoor and outdoor events, big or small, single day or multi day! Our coverage can be bound for an entire day of coverage or just a couple of hours, every policy will be custom to your specific  event. Some clients consider weather coverage a necessity for their events however most clients are on the fence on whether or not they need the coverage. Below are some things to consider about your event if you are undecided. To find out more information on weather coverage give us a call at 888-982-5488.

–       Can you event be rescheduled? Some smaller events can be rescheduled or moved indoors so the weather, while might out a damper on the event, won’t impact the financial outcome of the event. If you event can’t be rescheduled or will not have a rain date, for example a wedding or outdoor concert, weather coverage is a must!

–       Will you be required to pay for areas of the event even it is cancelled? Some events that have live music or other types of entertainment will require payment even if they can’t go on stage because of the weather. In these scenarios it’s extremely important to get a weather policy for the hours leading up to the performance , this way if the weather stops the band from performing, you will be reimbursed by US Weather Insurance for the cost of the performance.

–       Is there one area of the event that will bring in the most profit? If you have an event where there is clearly a cash cow, a big contest or musical act at a county fair, you will want to make sure you cover that day or at least the hours designated for that main attraction. US Weather Insurance can cover just a couple hours on one specific date even if your event is a week-long!

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