Multi-Day Coverage

February 13th, 2015 | Posted by Alicia Milillo in Uncategorized

US Weather Insurance provides special event coverage in the case of inclement weather all across the country. These event types vary and each quote will be specific to your event based on the hours of coverage needed, the dates of your promotion, the location of the event, and the amount of coverage needed. Once a rate is determined, it will be based on each individual date on the quote and the policy can be purchased for either one or multiple dates.

US Weather Insurance allows you to customize your coverage for each day of your event all while writing it under one policy. Many multi-day events will be over the weekend, Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. In most cases, Saturday will require the longest time frame of coverage and the highest limit. Limited hours will probably be needed for Friday night and Sunday morning and obviously a much lower limit due to the limited hours. Our policies allow you to pay for exactly what you need rather than a standard daily rate with hours of coverage that aren’t necessary to your event. Here are some tips on getting a quote for a multi-day event;

–       Know the schedule – make sure you know what hours will be your ‘money makers’ and cover those hours. These policies will be more expensive than a single event since we are covering multiple days

–       Break down your limit by day- since we are writing the coverage specific for each day, we will also need to know how much to cover each day.

–       Be willing to cover different rain amounts- for a longer period of coverage you might want to consider a higher amount of rainfall coverage. This is certainly bring your rate down.

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