Special Event Snow Coverage!

January 9th, 2015 | Posted by Alicia Milillo in Uncategorized

Winter is in full blast with the start of 2015 and it looks like the experts are predicting another white winter season! With high snowfall numbers predicted it is important to protect your special events from the hazardous effects of Mother Nature.  US Weather Insurance can offer snow coverage for your events, indoor or outdoor!

Insuring an outdoor event is easy and extremely vital this time of year. In order to quote an outdoor event, just let US Weather Insurance know the date, time frame, amount you want to cover and your location. From there your consultant will provide you with a quote that will offer a range of snowfall inches, it the day of your event you hit that number or exceed it, US Weather will payout the full amount .

Covering an indoor event is equally as easy however there are  couple different things to considers. In order to get the quote you will still need to provide your consultant with the information above however the time frame you want to cover will be slightly different. Since the event is indoors the most crucial time frame to cover are the hours that the guests spend commuting to the event. Another option to consider is a severe adverse weather policy where you will be covered in the case of extreme weather conditions causing you to completely cancel the event.

To get more information on snow coverage give us a call at 888-982-5488 or visit http://usweatherinsurance.com/snow-insurance/.

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