The Master’s Tournament Forecast 2015!

April 10th, 2015 | Posted by Alicia Milillo in weather insurance

One of the most exciting weekends of golf kicks off today as the best players in the world gather in Augusta to play for the coveted green jacket! While the golfers are dreaming of perfect 70-80 degree temperatures normal for Augusta this time of year, it looks like they will be doing just that, dreaming. The weather forecast starting today hold a lot of worrisome thunderstorms in the golfers future. The storms will roll in Friday afternoon into the evening with potential hail, lightning, high wind speeds and down pouring rainfall.  Rain and wind is anything but ideal for the golfers however they both are playable, needless to say that the golfers will have to adjust their game for the weather conditions. The soaked greens will run slower than normal, fairways shots will cause more divots causing a ‘fat’ shot, and high wind speeds affect the ball flight.

Of course if there is any lightning or serious threatening weather conditions, play will be suspended. This can also have a negative affect on the golfers more mentally as they get out of the groove of playing and will have to start and stop possible multiple times throughout the tournament. Physically the golfers will have to maintain their stamina throughout a delay where a normal 4 hour round of golf turns into 6-7 hours due to a delay. Overall these golfers are so good that they should be able to bounce back from any delay’s on Friday. Saturday and Sunday will look better with less humidity and temperatures in the low 80’s! Good luck to all the pro’s this weekend!

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