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July 17th, 2015 | Posted by Alicia Milillo in weather insurance

Weddings are popular all year round so US Weather Insurance is constantly talked to couples and wedding planners to help cover their big day.  Couples spend a long time planning their perfect day and US Weather Insurance doesn’t want Mother Nature to interfere with any of your plans. USW offers wedding weather coverage to make sure your wedding day isn’t ruined by extreme weather conditions.

There are numerous purchases made before your wedding day and weather coverage should be on the list.  Most commonly US Weather Insurance will cover the total cost of any outdoor rentals or purchases that you will be unable to use in the case of inclement weather.  If you have any part of your big day outdoors, a weather policy should be considered. One example would be if you have to pay upfront for an outdoor ceremony location. Your contract will most likely not refund you the deposit if it downpours during your ceremony and it has to be moved elsewhere.  In this case the coverage was purchased just in case the ceremony had to be moved indoors due to weather, the policy would cover the cost of the deposit and while the couple didn’t get the outdoor experience they hoped, they at least get reimbursed.


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