Claim Verification for My Event

January 15th, 2016 | Posted by Alicia Milillo in weather insurance

Location is one of the biggest factors when determining the rate for a client’s coverage. Since weather patterns are drastically different all across the country, rain quotes will vary from state to state and sometimes even city to city. Once the rate is set by the carrier the next decision for the client is where to have the weather measured for their event. There are three options when it comes to the claim verification for the event.

–          Closest National Weather Station – This option will be marked on the quote and is usually the closed major airport to your event location. This option is free and included with your rates.

–          Third Party Doppler Radar System – This option is very popular with clients whose events are not in major cities. This is a per day cost added onto your premium and will allow the weather to be recorded using your event location.

–          Independent Weather Observer – This option would be set up by the client and will need approval from the carrier. With an IWO, the approved individual will be present at the event using recording instruments to measure the weather.

If you need help choosing which option works best for you feel free to reach out to one of our weather consultants at 888-982-5488. Best of luck with your event!

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