Falling In Love With Special Event Weather Insurance

October 12th, 2016 | Posted by Julia Maltz in Uncategorized

People typically think of summer as the optimal time to host events outside because the weather is warm and sunny. While this proves true for certain types of events, fall is also a booming time of year for outdoor festivities.

During the fall, many sports seasons overlap, creating vast opportunities for outdoor sporting events. Fall is also full of many popular holidays, such as Halloween and Thanksgiving, that fuel holiday-themed outdoor activities. People tend to adore fall because of its temperate weather conditions and will host fall festivals, music concerts, and other events simply to enjoy this beautiful season.

It becomes clear that fall is a time of year where it is paramount to consider special event weather insurance to protect your business investment. Autumn conditions are usually nice and breezy and offer a perfect event experience. However, we know that the weather doesn’t always cooperate. Both rain and snow are plausible weather conditions during the fall months. So whether you’re planning a pumpkin-picking extravaganza or a community fall folk festival, be sure to consider coverage against inclement weather. Call us at 888-982-5488 to get started on purchasing insurance.

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