Making Coverage Easier for Multiple Event Dates

September 9th, 2016 | Posted by Julia Maltz in Uncategorized

Many outdoor events are seasonal and held at a particular time of year. MLB teams, for instance, only have games between April and October. If every game between these months were rained out, it would mean trouble and deep financial losses for every team sponsor.

Clients may consider weather insurance for events that take place multiple times a month to prevent excessive loss of profit. US Weather Insurance makes things easier by providing an inclusive quote that insures all event dates within the designated period. If your business offers similar events for multiple dates, securing coverage is an easy and quick process. The time during which the event takes place will not change, so coverage will remain constant for multiple dates.

Lots of businesses and industries are seasonal, but so are many weather conditions. Baseball and rain both happen in the springtime. Even if there are showers, your ballpark event doesn’t need to be ruined. Protect your company again inclement weather that peaks at the same time of year as your event and consider coverage today! Call us with any questions at 888-982-5488.

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