Sales Promotion Ideas for Fall

September 30th, 2016 | Posted by Julia Maltz in Uncategorized

Fall is officially here and with it comes cooler weather conditions. As the temperature decreases, outdoor events are held less often. While you may not be able to host as many outdoor events due to the cold weather, you can still benefit from weather insurance by purchasing sales promotion coverage!

Sales promotion weather insurance is a unique kind of coverage that can benefit any business. With this coverage, you can market your product or services creatively to bring customers into your store and grow your business at a minimal cost to you. To host a weather-themed sales promotion, simply select a designated period of time where customers may purchase products and have the opportunity to get a rebate until a specific recording date. For this day, pick a specific weather condition, such as snow. If it ultimately snows on this date, your customers may be reimbursed for their purchase and US Weather Insurance will cover the cost!

Fall is a great time of year to consider sales promotion weather coverage because it has so many  holidays, presenting great marketing opportunities for your business. Consider sponsoring a sales promotion for Columbus Day Weekend, during Thanksgiving or Black Friday, and of course during the Holiday Season. You can give this promotion a twist with our coverage options that will immediately attract customers!

If you have any questions or ideas about sales promotion weather insurance, please call us at 888-982-5488. We are happy to help!


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