Should I Really Get Weather Insurance?

November 3rd, 2016 | Posted by Julia Maltz in Uncategorized

If there’s anything predictable in this world, it’s the fact that the weather can be unpredictable. Different conditions accompany each season, but even the weather can defy the odds. Just this week, baseball fans experienced unusual warmth in the first few days of November as the Cubs beat the Indians during Game 6 of the World Series. Then, during a suspenseful Game 7, there was an abrupt 15 minute rain delay before the Cubs paved their way to victory!

It’s tough to know whether there will be sunshine or rain during a high-profile outdoor event. At US Weather Insurance, we can offer you a way to maintain stability and prepare appropriately for your event through weather insurance. The weather may determine if your event takes place or not, but it does not have to affect your total net profit.

With weather coverage, you can protect your budget from unforeseen weather conditions. We offer protection for your event even if it is affected by but ultimately does not get canceled due to adverse weather. We provide insurance all year round for practically all conditions, including rain, snow, lightning, hurricanes, wind speed, fog, tornadoes, and more!

So if you’re still contemplating whether coverage is worth it, the answer is yes. Regardless of the size of your event or company, your investment is always worth it. We’re here to help you start planning and to answer any questions! Contact US Weather Insurance by calling 888-982-5488.


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