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February 18th, 2016 | Posted by Alicia Milillo in weather insurance

One day special event policies, for example wedding coverage or concert coverage, are extremely  popular at US Weather Insurance however many business owners need longer periods of coverage for excess weather. This type of coverage is referred to as cost containment coverage. This coverage will usually be a season long policy where a payout is necessary to cover increased expenses  for weather amounts drastically above or below the normal. Below is an example of how a cost containment policy would work for a business that would take on an increase in expenses due to an excess amount of snowfall.

Joe’s Snow Plow Inc. wants to cover his business in the case of a bad winter snow season. Too much snow in a season will cause Joe to hire more employees to drive plow and salt trucks as well as an increase in the cost of supplies for these trucks. Once Joe determines the cost of all the extra expenses he can get a quote from US Weather Insurance. Joe will also have to know the trigger point for the extra expenses to kick in, usually this involves a set number of inches that the company is contracted for, Anything over that number, Joe need coverage. US Weather will take those numbers along with the location of this territory and determine a cost for the coverage. US Weather will pay out a price per inch over the contracted amount to cover all the additional expenses that Joe will take on. Joe breathes easier knowing that his bottom line is safe in the case of inclement weather!

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