5 Signs You Should Invest In Weather Insurance

April 21st, 2017 | Posted by US Weather Insurance in Uncategorized

Sometimes the signs are right in your face. You may have been ignoring the blinking neon lights that says “get weather insurance.” Your decision to look the other way may end up costing you hundreds even millions! To make the signs more clearer, we have listed a few signs why you should invest in weather insurance.

1. You are at risk of loosing money if weather affects your event
Are you at risk of experiencing an increase in expenses due to inclement weather? If the weather has an impact on your finances its a good idea for you to look into our cost containment coverage that allows you to know that increased expenses are not going to affect the bottom line.

2. You don’t have a backup plan
It’s always wise for a business to have some sort of backup plan. And while most of the larger businesses do, most small businesses do not. Smaller businesses may even find it wiser to self insure their promotion or event. For these small companies, their expenses become very limited and doesn’t fully cover what it really should. What will you do if your promotion becomes overly successful? Who will cover the unexpected expenses.

3. You want the weather to work for you and not against you
You may be trying to find the perfect promotion to drive traffic into your business. Running a sales promotion whereby you offer to reimburse customers if it rains on a certain day is a great day to have the weather work in you profits and your customers favor. Ditch the coupons and discounts and drive traffic with our sales promotions!

4. Your business is a new business
If you are a startup company, your budget may initially be tight. It might be hard for you to think about weather insurance when you are just trying to focus on profits. However, while your starting up, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about weather insurance. Since you won’t have the means to cover the expenses of something going wrong during your event, it’s important for you to make sure that everything goes right! Our weather insurance will provide the needed protection so that your event will not suffer a financial loss.

5. You’re in an area of severe weather
It goes without saying that the greater the likelihood of severe weather, the greater the chances of event cancellations and damages. If you know that your area is prone to hurricanes, tornadoes, windstorms, flooding or snowstorms, then look into getting weather coverage to take the right precautions.

If you find that 1 or more of the above statements are true for you than it’s a clear sign that you need to invest in Weather Insurance! Find the right protection for your event by visiting our website at http://usweatherinsurance.com/. To speak to a representative, give us a call at 888-882-5440 or email us a info@usweatherinsurance.com.

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