Climate Change: The Overwhelming Proof

August 17th, 2017 | Posted by US Weather Insurance in Uncategorized

We don’t have to explain to you that climate change is having a huge impact. You can say that the proof is in the pudding, the rain, the clouds, the tornadoes, the heat-waves, the landslides, the earthquakes, the tsunamis, etc.! These changes that have become standard in nature are getting turbocharged, as indicated by researchers.

“These normal events are being exacerbated by this very slow-growing thing in the background, which is climate change,” said Kauai geologist Chuck Blay, who has been studying shorelines on the Westside for five years. He continued: “The problems they’re having with flooding because of the King Tides, this kind of stuff … sea level rise is making these changes more difficult.”

Those effects are just a few that the United States is experiencing, according to a recently released draft report for the upcoming federal National Climate Assessment.

Seattle which is a city known for its rain just went a record-breaking 55 days without any. The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport had not measured any precipitation since June 18 until the wee hours of Sunday morning, when it drizzled. Barely. Some sprinkles also allowed Portland to break its own 57-day dry streak.

We even saw it recently this past week when a tragic landslide broke out in Sierra Leone that claimed more than 330 lives. More rain is expected to fall in the country over the next few days, which increases the threat of a new landslides.

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