Jewelry, Weather or Not!

February 10th, 2017 | Posted by US Weather Insurance in Uncategorized

It’s that time of season! Couples are making those purchases of trinkets, bracelets and diamond rings. Jewelers across the country are taking advantage of their peak season by holding promotions that are beneficial to their business and potentially their customers.

“Weather” you anticipate bad weather or not, jewelers are cashing in on weather prediction promotions. These promotions are a growing retail trend in which jewelers purchase weather insurance and indicate the conditions of the weather that must occur on a specific date. If your customers commit to their purchases within the set time period and if the specified weather condition occurs on the specified date, then the jeweler has the option of providing either a prize or a partial or full refund of the customer’s purchase!

Expect an increase of sales and traffic as people flock to your stores! This is already the season for jewelry buying, but the promotion will only increase business. Media coverage is an outcome of this promotion as well which will also increase foot traffic. Jewelers end up having no risk involved. If a customer wins or receives a refund, they’ll be more inclined to spend their earnings at your store! You win either way!

So what will be the parameters you set for your event? See our insurance for rain, snow, and temperature:

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