Today’s Forecast: National Catastrophic Weather. Are you Protected?

February 3rd, 2017 | Posted by US Weather Insurance in Uncategorized

Today, it has been increasingly difficult to become confident in weather predictions. Planning that trip out of state or a day in the sun can quickly turn into a day of snow or rain. That false forecast could also just fall on the day of your next big promotion. Will your event be insured in case bad weather occurs?

Mother Nature always has the final say. We have seen that recently around the country where the most unlikely places with bad weather are now presented with tornadoes, avalanches, flooding and heavy snow.

Sunny California, known for their endless beaches and perfect year round temps, has recently been hit hard with flooding and has affected more than just nearby homes and roads, but it’s wildlife as well. How can you expect to have an outdoors event when nature is suffering at a climate level. With California’s unbalanced wet and dry seasons, they can expect a consistent string of strange weather patterns to continue.

This month’s tornado outbreak in Georgia was one of the largest outbreaks on record not only for January, but for any winter month. Don’t think that your next event is safe from tornadoes in the winter. Over 126 tornadoes have been reported in the month of January. This month has seen more tornadoes than an average July month.

The Sierra Nevada mountains has also had it’s share of bad weather. The mountains had an “avalanche” warning due to heavy snowfall.
Skiers at a local resort were even forced to evacuate. Avoid an evacuation from happening at your event!

All of these states that I mentioned are not commonly know for any of the recent weather patterns they’ve been having. Geographically speaking, you can’t be certain that your state is safe from certain storms or weather conditions.

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