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July 13th, 2017 | Posted by US Weather Insurance in Uncategorized

We all want to think we know the weather, but we don’t. No matter how much we monitor or predict it, it somehow finds a way to fool us. In more recent times, the weather has become more and more harder to predict. With this being said, it’s important to know about how we can protect our event and wallets from cancellation and potential financial disasters. We have broken down our top weather insurance policies for you to decide on the right coverage for you!

Rain Insurance
Rain insurance coverage is one of the most popular types of coverage offered by US Weather Insurance. This type of coverage works well in several different scenarios including protection for outdoor special events, film productions and sales promotions. Whether you are looking to protect an event from lost revenues and/or unrecoverable expenses due to rainy weather or plan on running a sales promotion whereby you offer to reimburse customers if it rains on a certain day, US Weather Insurance can structure a policy that protects your bottom line.

Temperature Insurance
Temperature insurance is a unique coverage that is commonly used for outdoor events, agriculture and any insured that is subject to a financial loss due to either above or below normal temperatures. It also works well for sales promotions whereby an insured can offer to reimburse customers for their purchase if a certain temperature is reached and not have to worry about the lost revenue if the risk happens.

Snow Insurance
Snow insurance is a popular type of coverage offered by US Weather Insurance that works well for special events that might be affected by snowfall as well as businesses whose bottom line is impacted by excessive or lack of snow. A snow insurance policy can be designed to protect against the cancellation or impact of lower attendance for an event (i.e. trade show, corporate events, etc.). It could also be designed to protect municipalities, property managers and other organizations from the financial risks associated with removing excessive amounts of snow. Alternatively, this product can work to protect an insured whose business relies on a certain amount of snow (i.e. ski resorts, snow mobile manufacturers, etc.).

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