Weather Insurance Promotions For The Holidays

September 29th, 2017 | Posted by US Weather Insurance in Uncategorized

The most popular weather insurance promotion is a sales promotion. If you are a retail store a sales promotion is a great way to promote your product while driving traffic to your place of business. For example, you can run the promotion during the time period of 2 weeks and promote to your customers that any merchandise purchased during that two week period will be reimbursed if it snows 6 inches on Christmas Day.

Another weather promotion that works for multiple types of businesses is the special event insurance. Special event insurance can be for a golf tournament, fair, concert or sporting event, with special event insurance you will guarantee that your special day will not be ruined if unexpected weather hits!

A new feature on US Weather Insurance is snow removal insurance which is for companies that are primarily affected by the amount of snow on the ground for example, schools, hospitals, airports and malls. These businesses take out contracts with snow removal companies and if the amount of snow exceeds the contracted amount, US Weather Insurance will make sure you are covered.

Another new type of coverage that is offered on US Weather Insurance is income stabilization. This mainly affects outdoor businesses that depend on certain conditions so they can make money. One example is a golf course that relies on warm and sunny weather in peak season; the course will take out a policy with US Weather Insurance that will protect them from an extremely wet season that will cause a decrease in sales due to the lack of play.

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