You’re Getting Warmer: Temperature Insurance for Your Summer Event!

March 31st, 2017 | Posted by US Weather Insurance in Uncategorized

Remember the childhood game ”Hot and Cold?” Hot means you are close to finding a hidden object. Cold means you aren’t. Well let’s warm up your decision when it comes to temperature insurance. If your event fits the following statements, we recommend that you look into receiving temperature insurance for your next event! Let’s see how warm you can get before you decide to give us a call!

Luke Warm: Your event will take place outdoors.
Your event location automatically puts you at risk for weather related issues. This doesn’t mean that you should never hold an event outdoors, but it does mean that you should have the right protection. And we are not implying the fancy canopy tents either. The coverage we are implying is insurance!

Warmer: Your event will hold a large number of attendees.
You are really warm! This statement implies that you are at risk of not only upsetting your pockets if the event is canceled but also your paying customers! In most cases (without insurance) they are unable to receive a refund. As a result, a loss for your fans, becomes a loss for you too. Do you think your fans will risk coming to another one of your events in the future?

You’re on fire!: Your event will face a financial loss if the temperature falls above or below average.
When the temperature goes up, your profits are at risk of going down. You are at risk of losing any anticipated profits and the money that was spent on promoting the event. All of it goes up in flames (punt intended). Your event has certain temperature requirements in order to function. Depending upon the temperature, your event will become a success or a financial burden. For example, you could be holding a basketball tournament outdoors and the temperature drops below the unbearable temperature of 20 degrees. In this case, insurance would cover you from lost revenues and/or unrecoverable expenses.

So how did you do? Do you think you are in need of temperature insurance for your event? If so, call us at 888-882-5440 or email us at

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