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August 30th, 2018 | Posted by US Weather Insurance in Uncategorized

There are significant uncertainties in day-to-day weather forecasts, so doing something about it to protect your event and attendees is crucial. Meteorologists commonly over or under-estimate the forecast to make it more understandable for people, but in tern, all it does it create confusion. So how can you know what is the truth when it comes to weather forecasts? Some meteorologists even use a tactic called the “Odd Effect” which shows that odd numbers, except those ending in 5, are harder for people to digest than even numbers. This implies that forecasts of 74 degrees are better remembered and communicated than forecasts of 97.

You have to admit that this type of finagling and uncertainty in weather forecasts is dangerous, especially in extreme weather situations. With US Weather Insurance, we take the fear out of using your local weather forecaster. Instead, by insuring your event with us, if the weather at your event does not go as planned, or the meteorologist makes an inaccurate prediction, you we be financially secure from any negative effects that may result from it.

With US Weather Insurance, we measure weather in three methods. The first option is the most popular and also included in the cost of coverage, the closest national weather station or airport to the event. This option will always be listed on the quote along with the estimated distance from there to the event location. This distance is very important when the client makes the decision on whether to use the included airport location or choose one of the other two options.

The second option is for the client to hire a certified weather observer to attend the event and measure the weather from the event location. US Weather Insurance will have to approve the observer to make sure they are qualified.

The third option is to use a third party Doppler radar system that will measure the weather based on the zip code of your event location. This is the most popular option for events that are not located near an airport or weather station. There is a small daily fee for this option however it is the most accurate since it will be measured at your event location.

The simple rule for the weather industry should be, when the weather is un-forecastable, don’t forecast it. However, sadly, this is not the case. To protect your event from false predictions, secure your event with US Weather Insurance!

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