Say “I Do” To Weather Insurance Before You Actually Say “I Do”

May 31st, 2018 | Posted by US Weather Insurance in Uncategorized

You may have gotten wedding fever after watching the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Having a summer wedding seems like a dream with the sunny days and warm temperatures. But the summer seasons also call for unpredictable weather patterns that could severely impact your big day. Couples spend several months to a year planning their perfect day and US Weather Insurance doesn’t want Mother Nature to interfere with any of your plans. We offer wedding weather coverage to insure the outdoor factors of your wedding day so if the unexpected happens, you’ll be covered!

So what exactly can be covered for a wedding? Most commonly US Weather Insurance will cover the total cost of any outdoor rentals or purchases that will not able to function in the case of bad weather. The best example is a recent client that had signed a contract for rentals for both outdoor seating and lighting arrangements. In this case the contracts were unable to be cancelled outside of 48 hours and since the client was unable to make a decision until the wedding day, they would be out the cost of the two rentals regardless of the weather. In this case the coverage was purchased just in case the ceremony had to be moved in doors due to weather, the policy would cover the cost of the rental fees.

Weddings take so much planning that they are rarely ever cancelled and most people think that in order for us to payout a weather policy the event has to be cancelled. This is incorrect; policies are solely based on the amount of rainfall that day during the insured hours.  In this example the wedding was never going to be cancelled however the couple could breathe a lot easier knowing that their outdoor activities would be covered in the case of a last minute change!

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