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January 12th, 2018 | Posted by US Weather Insurance in Uncategorized

When we say we offer coverage, we mean it. We are not just talking about temporary shade, but a shelter for your finances for your event. Our coverage policies meet your specific needs. Whether its protecting your income, or boosting your revenue, we’ve got you covered. To break down the various coverage options for your event read below.

Weather Insurance
Weather insurance policies can be purchased for rain, snow, wind, temperature and other weather conditions. Weather insurance is also available for income fluctuations and for the cancellation of events. One unique product of weather insurance is the promotion of sales using weather related events to market merchandise.

Protect Your Investment
Whether you own a retail shop or manage a golf course, every company or business can be affected by the uncontrollable acts of Mother Nature. By working weather insurance into your budget, you can avoid the unpredictable economic fallout that can result from harsh weather conditions. US Weather Insurance offers security for your investments so your company is never at risk due to adverse weather.

Revenue Protection for Special Events
When you are planning an event you should always prepare for the unexpected! Weather Insurance for events will protect your day from the threat of unplanned rain, snow or extreme temperatures. By insuring against Mother Nature you will be able to ensure that your bottom line is not affected by unpredictable weather.

Sales Promotions
A weather sales promotion is a creative way to market a product by letting the weather determine whether your customers win! Running this promotion offers your clients an incentive to shop and helps drive traffic to your store. If it snows on the promotion date, all customer purchases are refunded!

Cost Containment
Cost containment coverage helps businesses and associations cover increased expenses due to abnormal inclement weather. A snow plow company would select this to offset higher costs during a heavy snowfall season or a production company might use this to cover the cost of rain delaying a film shoot.

Income Stabilization
Business owners are primarily concerned with protecting their bottom line. With income stabilization insurance a business can maintain a steady cash flow during a predetermined time period even if extreme weather arises. The financial impact of weather on a business is therefore nullified with this product.

Increase Sales & Drive Traffic
US Weather Insurance will help create unique promotions to increase interest in your business while also boosting revenue. By putting a twist on a run of the mill promotion, a weather insurance promotion will drive traffic and increase sales. US Weather Insurance also promotes creativity when planning your next big sale; we will assist you in customizing the promotion to meet your company’s exact needs.

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