Warm Winter Weather

December 7th, 2018 | Posted by US Weather Insurance in Uncategorized

If you have been living the US for the past few years, you may have gotten use to the mild winter weather patterns we have been experiencing. “Winter” weather feels more like October than December. The return of an El Niño weather pattern will have a significant influence on the winter season. Mild air will linger in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic before cold weather takes hold in January and February. Meanwhile, an active southern storm track will send snow and ice to parts of the southern Plains this winter. So planning your favorite traditional outdoor winter events can become harder when temperatures are not consistent.

If you are holding an outdoors event that relies on freezing temperatures, it’s important to get protection if the temp rises. For example, if you are holding your annual ice sculpture contest, the temperature plays a big part in the ice sculptures life span, humidity and the ice sculptures mass.

Luckily there is a solution. Temperature insurance is a unique coverage that is commonly used for outdoor events, agriculture and any insured that is subject to a financial loss due to either above or below normal temperatures. It also works well for sales promotions whereby an insured can offer to reimburse customers for their purchase if a certain temperature is reached and not have to worry about the lost revenue if the risk happens.

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