Your Event With Insurance v.s. Without Insurance

January 5th, 2018 | Posted by US Weather Insurance in Uncategorized

Often times, the worst case scenario becomes reality. Especially without insurance. We wanted to bring forth an actual event that went terribly wrong because the client didn’t have weather insurance. We also want to show you how you can avoid undesirable loss of profits for your own event.

A Charter School planned a spaghetti dinner with the goal of raising $15,000 to help fund a new playground. Unfortunately, a severe snow storm hit on the day of the event and the event had to be canceled due to treacherous road conditions.

Estimated cost with US Weather Insurance: $112.50
Estimated cost without US Weather Insurance: $5,000 – (Total Loss)

A few months later across town, a Golf Course hosted one of the club’s biggest revenue generators – a Golf Challenge and Annual Luncheon. Unfortunately bad weather struck again, with rain, thunder and lightening appearing on the morning of the event. The organizers had not purchased Weather Insurance so the event was a total loss.

Luckily US Weather is here to provide protection. 

Weather Insurance is available as a stand-alone policy for indoor and outdoor events. Proceeds from your Weather Insurance policy may be used at your discretion to offset lost revenues or pay for unexpected expenses, such as the cost to rent a tent or pay for a snowplow. Your event does not have to be canceled for the policy to pay, it simply has to rain or snow within your insured timeframe, for the amount you insured against. You also do not have to attest how much you lost due to inclement weather. If it rains or snows the amount you insured against during the timeframe you selected, you will be paid the policy limit. To find out more information about our policies, give us a call at 888-882-5440 or email us at


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