Avoid A Fyre Festival Fiasco

February 20th, 2019 | Posted by US Weather Insurance in Uncategorized

As we all know, weather can ruin any event. However with the Fyre Festival, weather didn’t ruin the event (as some might say), but bad planning did. The entrepreneur and convicted fraudster who co-founded the ill-fated Fyre Festival, Billy McFarland went into damage control mode after the festival, saying organizers were “a little naïve” and blaming bad weather for complications. But a downpour of rain a day before the festival cannot be the cause for lack of plumbing, unprepared living spaces and catering of bread and cheese sandwiches. The main culprit for Fyre Festivals Fiasco was it’s lack of planning.

So how prepared will you be for your next event? Have you confirmed all of your performers? Fyre performers didn’t receive money promised in their contracts on time. Or how about production? McFarland hired a TV production company to shoot a reality show about the festival, but the plan falls through when he reportedly fails to pay a $100,000 bill. Make sure your finances are able to compensate your vendors and performers.

Instead of the promised luxury villas and gourmet catering at the Fyre Festival, they document an unfinished gravel lot, scattered disaster relief tents and a skeleton staff. Give your attendees the best. This should go without being said, but make sure your are organized. Have a plan and contract for all performers, organizers and vendors and have the means to compensate. Make sure you also get weather insurance to make sure your event is covered from cancellations due to inclement weather. For more information check out our website at https://www.usweatherinsurance.com/.

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